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  • Sanders thanks supporters

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 03:22:31 +0000

    After campaigning for a roll call vote on the floor of the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders says he looks forward to delegate votes.
  • It's too hot to trot, or fly, better just swim.

    Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16:03:58 +0000

    I hate hot weather like this, it is much too early and in some areas around here we have drought conditions, so the corn and soybeans are hit or miss all over. I go out early in the morning to do chores, right after sunrise, while it is still cool. Then I water all the birds and …
  • Jealous: What a real convention looks like

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 01:38:34 +0000

    Ben Jealous, former president of the NAACP, Bernie Sanders supporter and now Hillary Clinton endorser, discusses the hard political work taking place at the Democratic National Convention and why he is satisfied with the progress made with the...
  • Boston mayor takes Trump to task

    Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16:05:27 +0000

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who will speak at the Democratic Convention, has been clashing with Donald Trump for more than a year.
  • Welcome to the RNC's Elmer Gantry Tent Revival | Religion Dispatches

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 02:40:49 +0000

    Watching the GOP convention is like watching a bad sequel to Elmer Gantry. Written by Sinclair Lewis and later produced as a film starring Burt Lancaster and Jean Simmons (the actress, not KISS founder, Gene, aka Chaim Witz), Gantry serve …
  • Sanders: Clinton must become president

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 03:11:38 +0000

    Bernie Sanders tells the crowd at the DNC that the country needs leadership that won’t divide us. He says Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States.
  • Russian link probed in DNC e-mail theft

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 01:05:06 +0000

    Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, and Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, discuss the allegations and evidence that Russian military intelligence and intelligence agency hackers are behind the theft of DNC e-mails given...
  • The World is Changing: Thoughts on the Coup Attempt in Turkey

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 02:54:24 +0000

    On 25 July 2016 geopolitical analyst Patrick Armstrong posted fourteen points to consider about the Coup Attempt in Turkey at The World is Changing category of the “Russia Observer” blog. Thoughts on the Coup Attempt in Turkey 25 July 2016, by Patrick Armstr …
  • TODAY Parents weekly survey: Is it a vacation if you bring the kids?

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 03:45:36 +0000

  • [desired number] Podcasts About Yoga Retreats

    Tue, 26 Jul 2016 02:55:05 +0000

    How To Find Free Yoga Retreats On The Internet

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