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  • Next debate will be key for Trump to...

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 15:37:20 +0000

    NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray discusses best strategies for Clinton and Trump going into second debate and whether Trump has the ability to remain competitive on the electoral map after recent troubles.
  • Trump Goes After Michelle Obama: 'All She Wants To Do Is Campaign'

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 16:31:26 +0000

    During his rally in Fletcher, North Carolina, on Friday, Donald Trump claimed that Michelle Obama's 2007 line about not being able to run the White House if you can't run your own house was a dig at Hillary Clinton, even though the Obamas have denied that was the case. "We have …
  • This vilification of child refugees makes me fear for my country

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 13:41:26 +0000

    Prejudices are passed from one generation to the next. Fears are too. As a small child I would spend many weekends staying at my grandfather's house where he would tell my sister and I stories of his experiences fleeing from the Siberian gulags during World War Two. I can still …
  • Kevin Smith Talks to AM Joy

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 16:04:15 +0000

    “AM Joy” producer Lorena Ruiz caught up with filmmaker and geek icon Kevin Smith at New York Comic Con – and got his take on the election, “Comicbook Men” and how NYCC has grown.
  • 'All of these liars will be sued': Trump on claims of sexual misconduct

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 17:00:30 +0000

    trump's latest spew
  • Trump keeps up ‘rigged’ system claims

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 16:33:05 +0000

    Former GOP Chairman, Michael Steele, and former senior aide to George W. Bush, Sara Fagen, discuss Donald Trump’s tactics for the final debate. They also talk about Trump’s continued claim of a “rigged election.”
  • Sat, 22 Oct 2016 17:13:07 +0000

    Robin Williams' soul touched us all. This entire show is fantastic, from 31 years ago, just before the birth of his first child. What really intrigued me was the encore. In a very touching performance, he essentially wrote his own eulogy.
  • What can US do to prevent hacks?

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 16:33:07 +0000

    Cybersecurity is becoming a pressing issue for voters. Juan Zarate, former deputy national security advisor, joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss how the US can address mounting concerns over hacking from abroad.
  • Analysis of Trump’s first 100 days

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 17:30:40 +0000

    CNBC’s John Harwood, Democratic strategist, Chris Kofinis, and the Hill’s Niall Stanage react to Donald Trump’s recent speech where he outlined his first 100 days in office.
  • Gloria Allred on Donald Trump’s 11th accuser

    Sat, 22 Oct 2016 17:30:43 +0000

    Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred joins Joy Reid on the announcement that one of her clients – an 11th woman – will levy new sexual misconduct allegations against the GOP nominee.

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