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  • Sources: Clinton preparing for ‘gracious’...

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:00:43 +0000

    NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports on how Hillary Clinton has changed up her debate practice and is preparing for a “gracious” Donald Trump. She also explains that the candidates have not signed a typical pre-debate agreement. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports...
  • The New York Times

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 13:32:23 +0000

    All politicians bend the truth to fit their purposes, including Hillary Clinton. But Donald J. Trump has unleashed a blizzard of falsehoods, exaggerations and outright lies in the general election, peppering his speeches, interviews and Twitter posts with untruths so frequent tha …
  • The Super Twisted History Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:34:00 +0000

    New pipeline opponents emerged this week, when archaeologists from the Smithsonian, Chicago’s Filed Museum and other institutions wrote a letter to President Barack Obama this week. The letter criticized the Energy Transfer Partners’ “recent destruction” …
  • The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/23/2016

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 17:05:52 +0000

  • Networks reject on-screen fact checking during debate

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:42:17 +0000

    Despite cries from Clinton allies for more media fact-checking in the wake of Matt Lauer’s failure to correct Donald Trump’s assertions at NBC’s commander-in-chief forum, none of the major networks has publicly committed to doing concurrent on-screen fact-chec …
  • Silver: Trump Would Win If Election Were Held Today | The Daily Caller

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 17:04:45 +0000

    tatistics site 538, which is operated by Nate Silver, adjusted its projections ahead of the debate Monday, giving the odds to Republican nominee Donald Trump. If the election were held today, Trump leads with a 54.9 percent chance of winning the election, according to the  …
  • See inside the chic NYC apartment of 'Project Runway' star Tim Gunn

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 13:12:06 +0000

  • What will be the ‘debate moment’ tonight?

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:45:34 +0000

    Hillary Clinton is counting on the Obama coalition to defeat Donald Trump, but has been underperforming with minorities and young people. Former campaign manager for Barack Obama, David Plouffe, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to talk about this and what...
  • Houston Strip Mall Shooting Leaves 9 Injured, Suspect Dead - NBC News

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:45:14 +0000

    At least nine people were injured when a gun man opened fire at a Houston shopping center Monday morning, officials said. Police fatally shot the suspect, who started "firing actively" at officers once they located him, said Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo.
  • What went wrong in South Carolina

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:33:43 +0000

    Just imagine a lovely spring day, it's 72 degrees, zero humidity, and a warm sun is shining down on you in Charleston, S.C.

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